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Distinctive Offices works regularly with commercial realtors encouraging you to recommend our services to your clients.

We’ve developed many long-term relationships with top producing NYC area commercial realtors and brokers. Partner with a firm that provides high-quality office space renovation options that you can trust. Distinctive Offices is dedicated to working with commercial realtors in order to provide tenants with the most turnkey and stress free options when renovating an existing office space at the time of a lease renewal.
A responsibility of the commercial realtor is negotiating the tenant’s work letter in a new lease or as part of a lease renewal. Distinctive Offices has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you and your client reach the most favorable terms for the tenant’s work letter:

Distinctive Offices will oversee every phase of the renovation from start to finish, beginning with an on-site meeting consultation to review and asses your project.

  • Distinctive Offices provides information and knowledge to our commercial realtor partners so that you as your client’s trusted advisor can better serve and negotiate on their behalf.
  • Working with Distinctive Offices puts you in a more favorable position when negotiating as much money as possible from the landlord for an office space renovation.
  • Distinctive Offices is a partner with a great reputation and led by a recognizable industry name.
  • Landlords know that Distinctive Offices employs a team of professionals who will complete renovations of existing spaces with minimal disruption to the landlord’s business while managing projects seamlessly with building managers.
  • The landlord will leverage their relationships with vendors to obtain pricing on tenant improvements during the work letter negotiating process. Distinctive Offices helps level the playing field. We will guide you and provide you with accurate and real pricing on materials and improvements so that you will be armed with valuable information when negotiating the allowance amount in the work letter.
  • Budget, build-out allowance and control are all key components of the tenant’s work letter. Working with Distinctive Offices and our high level of design and construction expertise can help you gain leverage over the landlord.
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