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Richard is the founder and leader of Distinctive Offices. He literally started from the ground up as a carpet installer. Following experience in the field installing, he recognized that his talents would be better put to use on the business side. He learned to estimate and run work as a project manager. After working for several commercial carpet dealers as a business developer, he decided to go out on his own. For several years, he ran his company as a traditional commercial floor covering dealership working on new construction projects. Quickly, he realized that there was a void in the existing built-out office space, and the decision was made to create Distinctive Offices as a firm that specializes in the cosmetic renovation of occupied office space.

With all of the professional success, Richard is most proud of his family. Richard is married with three teenage girls. In fact, family is so important to Richard that he prides himself on establishing that same atmosphere of family at Distinctive Offices. Employees and clients alike are treated with the respect of one of his family members. Whether it is a professional or personal relationship, Richard is there for them.

Richard currently sits on two boards, one as the vice president of the metropolitan business network (NYC’s most prestigious business group) and as a member of POPPA’s board, helping the people who help everyone else, the NYPD.
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Geoff has been working with clients on their renovations on behalf of Distinctive Offices for more than 8 years. In fact, his love of meeting new people and maintaining relationships with some of our best clients was recognized by the Metropolitan Business Network as he was named their Networker of the Year in 2011.

Prior to coming to Distinctive Offices, Geoff owned a fleet of food trucks in western Florida, satisfying his love of cooking and meeting new people.

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With an eye for detail, Brett has been in the flooring and construction business as an installer for over 16 years and installed every type of floor there is. He has been a project manager with Distinctive Offices for the last 3 years where he handles all of our site management and works closely with clients and labor shops.

As a field manager, he always comes through to address each and every last minute issue. His art background makes him particularly adept at design and he also serves as the company photographer.
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Michael has spent the past five years with our team coordinating client projects. Basically, Michael keeps the Distinctive Offices team on track. Look to him to handle logistics like shipping, materials ordering and warehouse coordination, as well as making sure our renovation teams are properly insured. Feel free to also talk with him about his lifelong passion for the Mets and Jets.
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Howard has worked with clients in the renovation and construction industry for more than 6 years. He had grown up in the business by working in his family’s wholesale flooring business in Buffalo, NY. Currently, he resides in NYC with his four children. Feel free to also talk with him about his lifelong passion for hockey, golf, music, and technology.
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Harry has worked in sales related positions for more than 6 years in the Sports and Entertainment industries. He values the importance of creating and maintaining professional relationships. His passion for the renovation and construction industry began when he renovated his own home in North Jersey. Feel free to also talk with him about his lifelong passion for sports and the Dallas Cowboys.
Project Management
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Jared has worked in customer service and account management related positions for more than 7 years, always successfully meeting client expectations. As the newest member of the project management team, he also benefits from his work experience in the residential furniture industry. His goal is to compliment the project management team with a fresh new perspective.
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